ThaiVedic 200hr Holistic Yoga Therapist Training Certification in Bali

Much More Than a Yoga Therapy Training

Imagine a system of Yoga that united all forms of yoga, new and old; A system with techniques for intentional evolution communication, and formulas for meeting each individual at their level of spiritual development; A system that united you with all aspects of health and healing by teaching the world’s highest regarded and most inclusive medicine system, Ayurveda; alongside the worlds most popular massage style which synergises with Yoga, Thai Massage.

We’ll imagine no more as some of the leading minds in the healing, bodywork and yoga industry have come together to bring you ThaiVedic Yoga.

A System for Empowering Self Healing and Finding the Root of Disease

Every human is gifted with innate self healing powers when immersed in the right environment. The ThaiVedic Yoga, Holistic Yoga Therapist Training, will equip you with tools to assess and know what is blocking the natural healing mechanisms of an individual. You will be able to assess yourself and others, find the root cause of disease, and create powerful healing environments that reawaken the healing powers of the body and mind.

Self Healing Awareness

As the primary purpose of this training is to awaken self-healing. There is a focus on practices which fine tune your ability to understand the body’s natural guiding messages and intuitions. All classes throughout the training have this fundamental goal of enhancing self-awareness and empowering people to be their own healer. This frees the mind and body from imbalanced thoughts or movements which promote suffering and decay. When we are more self-aware we are more able to help and heal ourselves, others, and the world.

Want to Learn From Specialist Yoga Healers and Teachers?

5 renowned healers and yoga teachers from around the globe will be guiding and shaping your healing evolution. Integrating the best of timeless traditions, with the most effective modern healing modalities; this powerful team of teachers has created a ground breaking curriculum never seen before.

  • Sebastian Bruno

    Co-Founder of the ThaiVedic System and Yoga Massage Studies, is a passionate evangelist of Thai Massage and movement therapies accross the globe.

  • Kimmana Nichols

    Co-Founder of the ThaiVedic System is the 3rd generation from an entire family of holistic healers and educators. Is qualified in more than 20 healing modalities including Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

  • Barbra Noh

    The most vibrant and respected, certified Anusara and (E-RYT) 500Hr yoga Teacher in Europe who uplifts students with her inspiring and humorous yoga therapy training's worldwide.

  • Arno L'Hermitte

    Creator of Osteothaischool and founder of Thai Massage Circus, is a talented physiotherapist and osteopath who has been teaching for more than 20 years.

  • Guest Teacher

Our Offering for The 200hr Holistic Yoga Therapist Training:

7 Qualifications in One Training

The course will equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to teach *yoga* based movement and meditation practices. You will receive a 200hr qualification with Yoga Alliance International which allows you to teach all over the world. The training focuses on educating you to become a Holistic Yoga Therapist. A therapist who understands how to awaken the natural self-healing powers of the body through *yoga*, ayurveda, bodywork, life coaching, and psychology tools. Click the icon if you want to go deeper into why and how the ThaiVedic System integrates Yoga, Ayurveda and Bodywork.

*Yoga*: we use the term *Yoga* to denote a wide range of yogic practices, not only a style of Asana (physical postures). Although physical postures will be taught, they are not the focus of this training. If your primary interest is Hatha *Yoga* and you wish to focus on training to become a teacher who can lead group asana classes, we recommend you study with our co-founder, Barbra Noh. She trains Hatha *Yoga* teachers internationally. 

Students will be able to assess and deliver healing to all 5 elements of the human body.

  • Ether: Guide people to their unique spiritual path and treat the energetic flow within the body. This taps people into the source of infinite healing potential and opens higher intuition.
  • Air: Assess the psychology of the individual with an integrated system that encourages mental peace and accelerates the manifestation of life goals.
  • Fire: Understand the unique metabolic types of each individual and be able to shift the metabolism and burning fires of the body, enabling better digestion of all of life.
  • Water: Clearly see the body’s connection systems; spirals, loops, fascia, and fluid systems. Enabling compassionate integration and bringing back fluid movement to the dance of the body and lymph.
  • Earth: Strengthen and support the bones and muscular structure of the body, freeing the pain of improper alignment, and empowering an unshakeable body and mind.

Personal Benefits

  • Deeply understand your body and heal long standing health issues
  • Learn your individual nature and how to create a life of balance
  • Release stress and trauma with daily self healing practices and bodywork exchange

Professional Benefits

  • Work in an industry that allows you to help others and travel the world
  • Know your clients instantly with the worlds best diagnostic system
  • Provide truly individualised sessions that people rave about
  • Become a qualified health professional that people can trust
  • Be part of an international community of ThaiVedic healers who support your growth and prosperity

Unite with a Worldwide Community

ThaiVedic is not merely a yoga or healing training, it is a world wide community committed to sharing wisdom that can change the world. If you are interested to have an ethically sustainable carrier, share what you love, thrive in a community of prosperity and success, work in beautiful exotic places, all while bettering the life of those who you contact. Then the ThaiVedic community is blossoming with people of the same vision. Lets grow and thrive together!

Our Serene Training Venue

Immerse Yourself in a Paradise for Yoga and Healing

Many refer to Bali as the island of the Gods and Ubud is the spiritual heart of this intensely healing paradise. This training takes place amongst the peace and serenity of the rice paddies, only a 10min walk from the heart of Ubud. The breathtaking tropical environment and magic of Bali offers a transformative and life-changing experience in and of itself.

The venue for the training is the beautiful Dragon Fly Village, an enchanted retreat paradise with a panorama including sacred Mt Agung. Participants will be living in antique Javanese joglos surrounded by streaming ponds and green fields. Dragon fly will host 3 herbal steams each week and also provides a salt water pool for your cooling off leisure. Three delicious and healthy meals are provided each day as well as teas and snacks. The wholesome and connected environment of Dragon Fly Village provides a perfect place for a communal experience where we reunite with the healing powers of nature and living in community.

This is a live in training because we live in accordance with the life promoting bio-rhythms of the planet, including waking at sunrise each morning. These bio-rhythm practices, outlined in Ayurvedic texts, are a hugely underestimated healing experience that realigns the secretions from the pituitary and pineal glands, master glands within the brain. When these practices are performed in a group, a special unified connection happens in our brains. This encourages a deep bonding and enlightened mind that is effortlessly directed towards serving the unified creation.

Dates & Pricing

November 12th - December 9th, 2017

Life Changing Investment

The cost for this all inclusive training represents exceptional value for 3 full time teachers, 7 qualifications, and the blissful living environment of Dragon Fly Village. We wish to work with students who are fully committed, and so we reward passionate commitment with a special early bird system. On top of the huge discounts below, the first deposits will also receive the benefit of the nicest rooms and sharing with the least people.


ThaiVedic Yoga and Dragon Fly Village honour the practice of Seva (selfless service which unites and benefits creation). In this training we give back to Indonesia by choosing an Indonesian participant who is passionate to share healing wisdom with others, but unable to afford such a cutting edge and powerful training. Please contact us for further details.

The First 7 Deposits

USD 4.750

The Next 11 Deposits

USD 5.200

Up to 3 Months Before

USD 5.500

Full Price

USD 5.750

*)The price above is the total amount that the training needs to receive. Transfer and administration fee needs to be paid on your behalf.
**)Airfare and transport is excluded from the above cost. Only food and accommodation during the training is included.


At the end of this course you will receive certificates for 6 ThaiVedic module trainings. On top of the wisdom learnt within these six module trainings, you will also study specific conditions and how to treat these conditions using the completely holistic ThaiVedic System. Each component of our unique course supports the others creating a truly holistic and integrated system. The bodywork additions create a yoga therapist who is sensitive to the body’s structure and is confident to make appropriate physical adjustments; this is not only crucial for stubborn and long-standing misalignment’s in the posture, but also enables extra tools for treatment of the energy body, metabolism and psychology.

*The yoga therapy components of our course(s) are based on Kimmana Nichol’s qualifications as a Naturopath, Yoga Therapist, and Ayurvedic Practitioner, and are not derived from our status as an RYS® with Yoga Alliance Registry.


1. Will there be a final examination at the end of the course? Written/ practical?

The 200hr curriculum is a combination of our Level 1, 2, & 3 Bodywork, and our Level 1, 2, & 3 Yoga Therapists modules, plus a 200hr Yoga Alliance certificate. The Yoga Alliance requirements are only that you attend the specific amount of hours in each subject and that is more than covered through your attendance in the complete course. Our curriculum requires an examination during the course for each individual level in order to receive your certificate. The certificate shows you have completed the course at proficiency and can practice what you have learnt outside the training. The ThaiVedic community considers this the beginning of your journey as a Holistic Therapist and gives the option to support you further. So from here there will be a "home evolutions" program for each module which must be completed after the training to receive the full qualification. More on this explained in the next question. 

2. Will we get a certification directly after the Training to take them home?

You will receive a certificate for every level of our training and a certificate for the 200hr, which can be used for Yoga Alliance. In total you will receive 7 certificates and with the yoga alliance qualification you will be able to practice and receive insurance straight after the training. Each certificate will entitle you to a half medallion for that level and this will be shown on your profile page in the practitioners section of the ThaiVedic Website and increase your ranking on who is shown first on the page around the world. If you hand in the home evolutions for each module, which are both practical and written, you will then receive the full medallion for that module after they have been reviewed and approved. Some of the gold medallion modules will require a certain amount of hours, not just a one off application of the system. The reason we are doing this is because we know that 200hrs does not make an experienced healer and so we will prioritise the most experienced ThaiVedic therapists in each part of the world to represent the ThaiVedic Guild and our system. In the long run this will work better for all people involved in the ThaiVedic Guild, regardless of their level of qualification, because those experienced therapists will be creating the reputation for us all.

3. Do we need some books, which we have to bring with us or do we get procedure documentations?

We will provide manuals with all necessary information and a pdf of these manuals is available for pre-reading. There is also recommended reading for those students who wish to go deeper into certain areas. Please choose from the recommended reading list based on your weakness. ThaiVedic Yoga is a holistic system and as such a little bit of knowledge in all areas will allow you to be more effective. Example areas of knowledge: Anatomy, Thai Massage, Ayurveda, Yoga Therapies, Chinese Medicine, etc. Please visit this page to see the full list of recommended readings.

4. What’s the daily schedule look like?

The weekly schedule runs Monday through Saturday with Sundays off. The daily schedule generally runs from sunrise until sunset, as we would like to align with the Vedic time clock. The schedule may vary, depending upon the flow of the training, as well as the needs of the group. The classes schedule is approximately: Sunrise to 8 A.M, followed by group breakfast. Next class would be at 9.30 A.M. -12.30 P.M, which followed by group lunch and free time. The last class will be held from 3 - 6 P.M., and followed by group dinner.

5. Is there any pre-requisites to join the training?

For all pre-requisites, please click here. It mentions that ideally participants have 2 years of regular yoga practice. This prepares the body for daily physical exercise and massage practice. These requirements are made for the benefit of the participants so they can absorb the most from the training.

6. What’s the maximum number of people that can enroll in the training?

We only accept 24 students each year for the 200hr Training. Our priority is enough personal time with each teacher and to have an intimate feel in the group. This means our training's are usually fully booked and have a long waiting list.

7. I´m so interested, but I am guessing what happens, when I pay now, and I will be ill or disabled next year. Is there a possibility to get the money back?

Due to the logistics required for planning an international Yoga Therapist Training, we apply refund policy as calculated below (exclude the 10% non-refundable deposit):
Notification received more than 60 days prior to the training: 70% fee refunded minus US$ 100 administration fee
Notification received 31-60 days prior to the training: 50% fee refunded minus US$ 100 administration fee
Notification received less than 30 days prior to the training: 0% of the fee.

In the unlikely event that the Teacher Training gets cancelled, your money and your deposit will be returned minus an administrative cost of US$100.
Please note that this refund policy pertains only to the training cost (arrangements and contracts/agreements for flights, visa, etc. are the responsibility of the student).


"Apart from the course being one of the greatest experiences I've ever had, I now sense deep gratitude at every bodywork session I give. Having a diagnosis-tool at hand and a clear structure in mind makes a big difference!" ~ Monika Kletzmayr

What you are is what you have been.
What you’ll be is what you do now.

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